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More patients than ever are choosing clear aligners over metal braces. The Invisalign® website cites that over 10 million patients have used this treatment. Clear aligners can transform a patient's smile by straightening teeth and correcting jaw misalignment. Many patients are candidates for this type of treatment, and patients of all ages can enjoy the benefits. To ensure successful treatment, the patient must follow the dentist's recommendations. 

3 recommendations for successful Invisalign® treatment

The outcome of Invisalign® treatment significantly depends on a patient's compliance. Patients may not have an ideal result if they are unwilling to follow recommendations. Consider these tips for patients using this unique system of clear aligners. 

1. Wear aligners consistently

Unlike traditional braces, patients can remove Invisalign® trays at any time. The ability to remove the trays makes oral hygiene measures substantially easier. However, since patients can remove the aligners, they may not wear the appliances for the specified amount of time each day. Inadequate wear time can prolong treatment. 

For Invisalign® treatment to be effective, a patient must wear aligners 20-22 hours a day. Ideally, a patient only removes the aligners for eating and oral hygiene routines. With this system, the patient wears a set of aligners for one to two weeks, then switches to the next set of trays to continue the tooth movement. If the new aligners do not fit, the patient has not worn the previous set enough each day. Treatment is much smoother when the patient is diligent about wearing aligners.

2. Maintain good oral hygiene

One benefit of Invisalign® is the ability to remove aligners for oral hygiene care. Patients reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment without having to clean around brackets and wires. After each meal or snack, the patient should brush their teeth before wearing the aligners again.

If a patient develops cavities during orthodontic treatment, it can halt progress. Gingivitis — inflammation of the gums — is also a concern. Patients must be meticulous about oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. This way, the patient can have a healthy and beautiful smile when treatment is complete. 

3. Visit a dentist regularly

A dentist must monitor a patient's progress during the Invisalign® process. At some appointments, the dentist may place attachments that direct the movement of the teeth. The patient also receives the next set of aligners. If a patient misses multiple appointments, the treatment time will be impacted. 

During checkup appointments, the dentist may recommend a treatment revision. In this situation, the dentist sends new scans of the patient's teeth to the Invisalign® laboratory. At the lab, technicians create new aligners that facilitate the desired treatment outcome. If patients are not maintaining regular appointments, the dentist cannot monitor the treatment effectively. 

Reasons to choose Invisalign®

Traditional braces are often the first thing that comes to mind when considering straightening crooked teeth. However, clear aligner trays can be just as effective in treating most alignment issues and offer numerous benefits


Every Invisalign® tray is created uniquely to suit each individual's mouth. This helps ensure a secure yet comfortable fit. The plastic materials are smooth against the soft tissues of the mouth, so there are no concerns about skin irritation from sharp metal wires and brackets. Also, the process is designed to move the teeth strategically and gently, resulting in less oral pain overall.


Traditional braces can be unsightly and embarrassing to some, especially for patients who do not seek treatment until adulthood. However, clear aligner trays are very discreet and often go unnoticed by others. Staining and discoloration are rare if the patient takes proper care of the appliances. Even so, the trays are replaced frequently, so wearers can enjoy a clean, fresh set every few weeks.


Clear aligner trays from Invisalign® promote better oral hygiene overall. Because the trays are 100% removable, patients can easily brush and floss their teeth on a daily basis without the need for special tools or maneuvering into tight spaces. This helps reduce the risks of cavities and staining. In addition, brushing after every meal is recommended when wearing clear aligner trays. This means patients who choose Invisalign® and follow the dentist's recommendations will likely have better oral hygiene overall.


Invisalign® treatment is the right choice for many patients who want to change their smiles. For those interested in this treatment and how to make it successful, consider a consultation with a trained dentist.

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