Denture Repair: How Are Dentures Rebased?

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When it comes to denture repair, rebasing is an important process. It involves replacing the denture’s base material. Usually, the dentures will need to be replaced every five to seven years. That way, the denture will continue to fit well while looking good and functioning well. However, the dentist will need to check the teeth every couple of years to look for damage. To help the teeth last longer, your dentist might recommend rebasing.

About rebasing

With relining, the process is done to improve the fit of the denture. But rebasing is more dramatic and involves retrofitting the false teeth. The entire base will be replaced with new plastic. This can make the teeth more stable and avoid changing out the false teeth. Rebasing can be done when the teeth are in good condition, but the base is not. There are some other reasons this process might be done, including:

  • Having a weak plastic base
  • Broken or damaged denture
  • Changing a temporary denture to a permanent one

With rebasing, the life span of a denture can be renewed. To help the teeth to function well, the process needs to be done every five to seven years. If the denture does not fit as it did in the past, rebasing might be done. This is even more the case if relining will not work well. The dentures may also need to be relined if they were soaked in bleach by mistake.

How the process works

This process is a bit more complicated than relining is. It might mean going without the false teeth during this time. The dentist will try to make the process as fast as possible. First, an impression is taken with the denture on to make a cast.

By using a duplicator, the dentist can index the position of the teeth. The impression model and the denture will be removed from the cast. The teeth are split from the patient’s denture. This means that the base of the denture is removed.

Next, the teeth are positioned and held in the same locations with wax. The dentist can place the base plate wax on the cast’s ridge. The duplicator’s upper section will be closed, and the teeth will be placed in a section of wax. This section will be the desired contour and width of the cast.

Once the cast has been removed, the dentist can process the denture. The cast can be held over the denture to check for any errors and correct them. The dentist will remount the finished denture on a tool that will replicate the position of the jaws. That will help the dentist to confirm that the fit is good. When the patient tries on the dentures, small adjustments can be made.

Choose denture repair today

With rebasing and denture repair, you can expand the life span of your dentures. This can improve the fit, strength, and appearance. Talking to a dentist is the right way to get your false teeth repaired. You can talk about your options with them.

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