Fillings, Bonding or Veneers? Solution Options for a Chipped Tooth

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A chipped tooth can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can get it from biting into something hard or getting the brunt of facial trauma. Seeing your dentist right away can provide you with the proper and quick solution to your chipped tooth. The treatments available work according to the size of the chip that fell off. Here is a review of the restoration options that suit your case.

Buffing and filing for a small-chipped tooth

A tiny chip may not be visible even if one looks at the tooth in the mirror. The chip may have come from behind the damaged tooth that only the tongue can feel. This is an easy type of chipped tooth to fix. The dentist can restore the tooth without anesthesia in no time at all. Enamelplasty is the name of the procedure. It involves using a small tool that buffs or smoothens the area out.

Enameplasty is a safe treatment that does not damage the tooth. It does not go deeper than the enamel layer. It does not even need anesthesia. The dentist will shape the tooth a little with the use of a fine file. There may be cases when the dentist should file the neighboring teeth as well to have a uniform result.

Bonding, veneers, and filling for a medium-chipped tooth

A medium chip is more than a sliver of a tooth, but it left at least half of the tooth still intact. Bonding is the treatment suitable for this. This type of filling is similar to a white dental filling. With some tooth-colored bonding material, the dentist will cover the chipped part of the tooth and shape it. Once the dentist is satisfied with the look of the tooth, the dentist will expose it to a curing light.

Even with a curing light that hardens the bonding material, dentists find it hard to secure it. The size and location of the bonding make it susceptible to detachment if there is too much pressure on it. If this happens, the patient must see the dentist again. For constant bond failures, the medium-chipped tooth must be treated like a large-chipped tooth.

Veneers and crowns for large-chipped tooth

For a severely damaged tooth, either veneers or implants are the usual treatments of choice. Veneers cover the front part of the tooth, concealing the damage. This can be a good option if the patient wants to restore the chipped tooth while enhancing the rest of the teeth. Veneers can last for up to two decades with proper care.

If the section that chipped off is more than half of the tooth, a dental crown is an order. The patient has to be fitted for a permanent crown and wait for its fabrication. The cap or crown will cover the entire damaged tooth. The cap is unnoticeable because it is similar to the shape and color of the patient’s natural teeth.

Your dentist may recommend bonding, veneers, fillings, or other treatment options for your chipped tooth

A chipped tooth may be simple or complex to handle, depending on the size of the piece that chipped off. Your dentist will recommend the right treatment options for your case. With the mentioned solutions, you can discuss your concerns with your dentist before the treatment starts. That way, you can have a clearer vision of what the restoration outcome will be.

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