Got Dental Restorative Goals? A Full Mouth Reconstruction Also Requires Cosmetic Goals

Full Mouth Reconstruction Fort Lauderdale, FL

Full mouth reconstruction requires you to invest time and energy into creating the smile of your dreams. This is why you should find out what you are signing up for and what to expect in return. We answer this question in the next section.

The goal of full mouth reconstruction

There are two aspects to full mouth reconstruction. The first is restorative dentistry. Dentists will craft a treatment plan to repair teeth that suffer from breakage or tooth decay. They will incorporate tooth replacement for teeth that are beyond saving. Where necessary, the dentist may recommend discreet orthodontics to correct a bad bite. Patients with severe injuries or oral deformities may be candidates for some form of corrective surgery.

Then there is the cosmetic facet of full mouth reconstruction. It bears mentioning that treating severe tooth decay or fractures restores the shape and color of teeth. As such, restorative procedures have both cosmetic and oral health benefits. Some procedures are purely cosmetic, with few or no oral health benefits. Examples are:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth reshaping and/or resizing
  • Gum contouring
  • Veneers as a way of reshaping the teeth, closing small gaps, or hiding intrinsic stains

Apart from the procedures in the list, a patient may choose to go even further with their smile makeover. Some patients are willing to alter their teeth with dental caps, for purely cosmetic reasons. Here are some smile makeover goals to go with the restorative benefits of full mouth restoration.

Cosmetic goals of full mouth reconstruction

Cosmetic dentists use the term ‘smile makeover’ to create a picture-perfect smile for their clients. The growing need to make good first impressions continues to drive the demand for cosmetic dentistry. Today’s world all but dictates that the appearance of a person’s smile can have an effect on their confidence or life prospects. 

In an increasingly image-conscious world, patients who pursue full-mouth dental restoration will want:

1. A straight smile

Crooked teeth can take a toll on a person’s self-esteem. They have the added disadvantage of being harder to clean than a set of straight teeth. Discreet orthodontics like clear aligners can improve a bad bite over time. In the case of small imperfections, veneers will do a great job of hiding a few teeth that sit askew, or slight gapping.

Dentists will sometimes use tooth reshaping as an alternative to veneers. The procedure involves filing off small portions of the enamel to resize or reshape a tooth.

2. Brilliant white teeth

Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a perfectly white set of teeth. Smoking or a serious coffee habit could cause surface stains. Tooth decay, injury, medication, or fluoride could create stains that reach past the surface.

For surface stains, the dentist will use bleaching agents to effect teeth whitening treatments. They will treat tooth decay, addressing any resultant discoloration. Cosmetic dentists might also opt to cover up intrinsic stains with restorations like veneers.

3. Replacement of missing teeth

Missing teeth create a bad bite, making it hard to eat and even harder to smile. Dentists prefer to use permanent tooth replacement solutions for teeth that are missing or past saving. This trend has seen dental implant procedures enter the mainstream. Dentists will use implant-supported prosthetics like crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace missing teeth.

4. Proportional gums or jaws

People with gummy smiles are good candidates for gum contouring. A patient with a prominent jaw defect is a good candidate for a corrective procedure. The same goes for patients with congenital defects that affect the lips of the soft palate of the mouth. These types of procedures require the expertise of dental specialists like periodontists or oral surgeons.

A nice smile goes nicely with a healthy set of teeth

Get in touch with us to find out how you can achieve both things with a single treatment plan. Our dentist is happy to walk you through full mouth reconstruction and the benefits the treatment can afford you.

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