Gum Contouring for Cosmetic Changes to Your Gums

Gum Contouring Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gum contouring is one of the cosmetic treatments used to enhance people's smiles and, as a result, their look. Gum contouring may alter the shape of the gums by removing excessive gum tissue or restoring recessed gum tissue. The dental professional may lift the gums around your top teeth to expose a better portion of the tooth's structure or graft gum tissues to hide part of the teeth.

The need for gum contouring

Some individuals have very noticeable gums, while others have very minimal gum tissues. A gummy smile is the result of excessive gums, whereas receding gum tissues create a toothy smile.

The factors behind the formation of a person's gums differ, but genetics play a major role in the volume and appearance of gums. However, uneven tooth development, worn-down teeth, and medication for certain conditions may affect the teeth and gums. Therefore, the smile's appearance might be the driving factor for people's desire to change their smile.

The gum contouring process

The gum contouring procedure is a sophisticated dental procedure. The dentist will decide the approach to treatment after proper consultation and discussion regarding the specifics of the procedure.

Gum contouring may be performed for both aesthetic and health reasons. When the gums get infected, they must be treated for infection, and if the patient wishes, the dentist may shape the gums during treatment. The gums recede excessively in certain cases, exposing the teeth and putting the roots in jeopardy. Gums must be grafted and regrown in such a condition, necessitating gum contouring or reshaping.

The dentist will first apply a local anesthetic before proceeding with gum contouring. Afterward, a scalpel will reshape the gum tissues to improve their appearance around the teeth.

Recovering after gum contouring

After the procedure, patients must wait a certain amount of time before utilizing their teeth as completely as before. The kind of surgery determines the length of time it takes to recuperate. The healing would be slow if the gums were sliced and sutured. Alternatively, depending on the degree of the work done, laser surgery to shape gums recovers more quickly, often on the same day.

There will be some swelling regardless of whether the laser or the scalpel is used. The cutting and reshaping of gums can cause some pain. The dentist will offer tips on how to handle any pain or discomfort that occurs during recovery. Applying icepacks over the face for 15 minutes usually provides relief. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to certain people to aid healing and prevent infection. The amount of cutting or grafting done on the patient determines the level of discomfort experienced during surgery. The operation itself may cause some discomfort, but the dentist will take the necessary measures to alleviate it.

In conclusion

When gum contouring is done for cosmetic purposes, the recovery time may be shorter. To learn more about the procedure, reach out to our dental office for a consultation.

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