How a Damaged Tooth Is Prepared for a CEREC Crown

How a Damaged Tooth Is Prepared for a CEREC Crown from Smiles By Julia in Fort Lauderdale, FLCEREC® can fix your damaged tooth. You should see your dentist right away if you have dental damage. Before the procedure begins, your tooth must go through some preparations. The dentist must make sure that your tooth is ready for the ceramic crown. Here are the details on how your dentist will prepare your damaged tooth for a CEREC crown.

Fractures and breaks

Before CEREC, patients needed to visit the dentist at least two times to get dental repairs. The first visit involved preparing the patient’s tooth and taking dental impressions. Next would be the placement of temporary restorations. The second visit would be for the placement of the permanent restoration.

A CEREC crown procedure needs 3D impressions. The dentist transfers these images to the computer. Then, the dentist will create a 3D model and transfer it to the CEREC milling machine. The process of milling the dental crown will finish in 10 minutes. Polishing the crown comes next. Then, the dentist will place the restoration over the damaged tooth.

The CEREC dental crown procedure lasts for about two hours. A patient with more complicated dental damage may go through the procedure a lot longer. Fractures that run down the side of the patient’s tooth cannot have an onlay restoration. The dentist must place a CEREC crown over the treated tooth. The protection and strength of the ceramic crown will prevent the tooth from further damage.

A tooth with serious breakage tends to go underneath the gumline. It tends to affect the nerve. The pulp becomes infected if the damage does not get treatment. For this case, the dentist must perform a root canal before the CEREC crown procedure. Serious damage like this is an emergency case. The dentist can save the tooth by going to the dentist right away.

Heavy staining

Discoloration of teeth does not only come from drinking staining foods and drinks. It can also result from excessive exposure to fluoride or even tooth decay. These deep staining issues cannot go away with ordinary teeth-whitening treatments. For this problem, CEREC dental crowns can cover the teeth up. This results in a more stunning, brighter smile.


Some patients have minor dental damage in the form of chipping. This is when the break of the tooth does not reach the pulp. These types of dental damage weaken the enamel. That is why the dentist must provide a CEREC dental crown during the same dental visit. The ceramic dental crown will protect the weak tooth. The crown will prevent tooth sensitivity or pain.

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A CEREC dental crown can repair, restore, and protect a damaged tooth

Tooth damage can be mild or severe. The consequences of these dental damages can be debilitating. It can affect the enamel or even the pulp. Your dentist will evaluate your dental damage and then perform the repairs first. The CEREC dental crown procedure will follow. An appointment with your dentist will give you the CEREC intervention that you need.

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