How an Emergency Dentist Differs From a General Dentist

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Both an emergency dentist and a general dentist are trained to provide dental services to patients in need, whether that be for urgent issues or simple routine care. However, each dentist is different in a few ways. 

Understanding how these two dental professionals differ can be helpful to someone who is not sure whom to turn to when in need of dental care. Learn more about the major differences between the two dentists below. We outline everything that there is to know!

How an emergency dentist differs from a general dentist

The following information can be beneficial to someone who needs to see a general or emergency dentist. It is important to know whom to visit for the appropriate care. Keep reading to find out more!

Emergency dentist

Dentists who have emergency training undergo the same education and preparation that a general dentist does. However, they also take additional training in emergency services, which may consist of treating severe or abrupt injuries such as dislodged teeth, cracks or chips in teeth and even fractured jaws.

Emergency dentists are typically staffed in hospitals, urgent care facilities or even emergency dentist offices. Each of these facilities is used to treat patients who need immediate attention for an injury to their mouth or jaw.

General dentist

General dentists are the most common type of dentist. They treat patients of all ages, ranging from children to elderly adults. The following is a list of some of the most common services that general dentists offer in their offices:

  • Dental check-up appointments
  • Dental restorations such as fillings or crown placement
  • Teeth whitening
  • Orthodontic care
  • Dental cleanings

General dentists can specialize in other fields of dentistry, such as emergency and family dentistry, which all require general dentistry training. However, an emergency dentist will also undergo additional schooling and training to master emergency dental services. For the most part, emergency dentists are actually general dentists who have undergone that additional training. 

Many emergency dentists are capable of providing general dentistry care, although they likely will not do so. Because most of these dentists are staffed within emergency rooms of hospitals or in immediate care centers, they do not offer routine services such as cleanings or check-up appointments. 

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General dentists and emergency dentists are similar, but they tend to treat different kinds of things. Emergency dentists are trained to deal with abrupt injuries, while general ones take care of more routine services. While certain general dentistry offices can address emergencies, not all can. In turn, emergency dentists are able to treat general dental problems, but they do not tend to offer those services.  

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