How Dental Veneers Will Impact Your Life

Posted on: February 18, 2015

Dental VeneersDental veneers are a very smart way for dentists to perform simple restorations on your teeth. There are a number of challenges that can effectively, and cost efficiently, be dealt with by using dental veneers. In fact, we use veneers for one of these two reason. First they can be used to help protect a tooth that has been damaged and second they can be used to change the esthetics of the tooth for the better. Typically in the second case the tooth needs to be a brighter white, the shape is wrong, or there is a spacing issue which need to be addressed. In any of these cases, a dental veneer may be the best way for you to get resolution.Dental veneers are bonded to the teeth themselves with a high-quality dental cement. This causes the veneers to have the resilience of the tooth itself so that they can withstand the daily wear and tear that a tooth goes through. As long as you are on a regular diet and careful with what you eat, there is a chance your dental veneers will last for a very long time. It is important to remember that veneers are a lot like enamel. They are extremely hard, and hence can stand up to normal wear and tear, but are also extremely brittle, meaning that it is not wise to subject them to abuse like opening a bag of paper chips. Traditionally dental veneers come in two forms, based on the materials used. There are composite dental veneers, and there are porcelain dental veneers. Both of these are typically fabricated in a laboratory though at times a chairside restoration is possible.How will having a dental veneer impact your life?  A dental veneer will have no impact on your routine or on how you go about your life. You will have a stronger and better-looking tooth, or teeth, which could influence how much you smile. Other than that there are no significant life changes that you should expect when you get dental veneers. A veneer is designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, and is installed after removing around 0.5 millimeters of the tooth. Since the veneer takes the place of the removed enamel, you will not even feel the difference once your mouth gets used to the idea of having a veneer in place. There are really no impacts on your life in general other than a better looking smile.How long do dental veneers last? Typically a dental veneer can last anywhere from seven to thirty years. This, naturally, depends on a number of factors, most of which you are in direct control of. If you take care of your mouth, using the proper oral hygiene methods of brushing twice per day, flossing regularly, rinsing after meals, and coming in to see us for regular cleanings, your veneers will last a very long time. The one word of advice we give our patients is to treat their veneers like they are real teeth, practicing the same level of care. 
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