How Same Day CEREC Crowns are More Convenient

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CEREC® crowns are becoming more and more popular because they offer an array of benefits, including convenience. Traditional dental crowns are not a convenient dental restoration for most people, as the procedure requires multiple appointments and is a pretty involved process. However, with CEREC crowns, not only do patients benefit from the convenience of the procedure, but additionally benefit from the pleasing aesthetics of the result. Outlined below are a few additional reasons why CEREC dental crowns are known to be much more convenient than traditional crowns. When considering different dental restorations, it can be helpful to review this information.

Understanding the convenience of same day CEREC® crowns

1. Less time-consuming

In the case of traditional dental crowns, most patients are required to visit the dentist two to three times. The first appointment involves removing the decayed parts of the tooth and then fitting it for the permanent crown. A temporary crown is placed while the dental lab creates a permanent custom-made crown. This process can take anywhere from two to three weeks. The second appointment involves the placement of the permanent crown. In some scenarios, a third appointment is necessary to ensure a proper fit. 

Over the course of two or three appointments, patients may have to take time out of their schedules to get a simple dental crown placed. This can be inconvenient, as it often requires patients to take off work, find childcare and pay for transportation. Thankfully, CEREC crowns are a great solution. Patients only have to visit their dentist once and all of the work is complete. 

2. No risk of injury

Because CEREC dental crowns are created in just one visit, patients are significantly reducing their risk of becoming injured. With traditional dental crowns, there is a waiting period in which patients have to wear a temporary dental crown, which is not as strong or protective as a permanent crown. The temporary crown can come off and cause damage to the tooth below, resulting in the necessity for even more dental work. Thankfully, with CEREC crowns, patients only have to wait an hour or so for their permanent restoration to be created and placed, eliminating any risks of injury or damage. 

3. Impressions

Many people are familiar with the impression that most dental restorations require. The putty or molding is cold, slimy and tastes terrible. However, with CEREC crowns, the impressions are digital. Digital impressions are taken using CADCAM technology that is capable of taking a photograph. The patient does not have to taste anything or hold their mouth awkwardly open for a period of time. Instead, a small photographic instrument is used to capture all sides of the tooth. 

Same-day CEREC dental crowns

CEREC dental crowns are created in just one day, which means convenience and ease. To find out more about these dental restorations, it is best to consult directly with a dentist. Any questions or concerns can be appropriately addressed, and an evaluation can be done in order to determine whether or not CEREC crowns are a viable option for you. Reach out today!

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