Root Canal Therapy and Dental Crowns

Root Canal Fort Lauderdale, FL

Root Canal therapy is a general dentistry process that can help treat severely infected teeth. Typically, the therapy involves one procedure for the actual removal of the infected areas and a second procedure for dental crown placement.

Want to learn more about root canals and dental crown placement? Being aware of this information can be helpful for someone preparing for the process. Ultimately, talking with a general dentist is the best place to start! 

Root canal therapy

Outlined below is what once can expect from root canal therapy. Keep reading to find out more!

The procedure

To start root canal therapy, a general dentist will administer a local anesthetic to the patient so they do not feel any pain during the procedure. Once numbed, the dentist will place a dental dam. The dam acts as a way to isolate the tooth so it remains dry and safe during the procedure.

Then, the interior pulp of the tooth will be cleared out by the dentist using special tools, such as a drill. Any infected areas of the tooth will be removed and irrigated to ensure that further infection does not spread. Irrigation will be done so that any remaining debris does not get in the way of sealing the tooth.

After the interior chamber of the tooth is cleaned and cleared, the general dentist will fill the tooth with a special rubber material. This rubber material helps seal the tooth off so bacteria are not able to enter the chamber. Following the seal, the tooth will begin to heal. The patient should expect to wait at least a couple of weeks before returning to their general dentist.


After root canal therapy, general dentists recommend that patients take it easy. Some of the following things should also be adopted during the healing process:

  • A soft or liquid food diet
  • Extra oral health cleaning
  • Over-the-counter pain medications
  • Ice packs or cold compresses

Dental crowns after root canals

Below we discuss why a general dentist recommends dental crown placement after root canal therapy is complete.

Why are they necessary?

Most general dentists recommend dental crowns to complete root canal therapy. While crown placement is not said to be 100% necessary, it is highly recommended. Dental crowns can cap the entire tooth and provide another layer of security for the tooth. This will help keep out bacterial infections, as well as keep the interior pulp safe.

Dental crowns can also help restore and renew the tooth. Root canal therapy can leave teeth looking unappealing. However, a general dentist can customize one and have it placed a few weeks after the procedure to restore one’s smile back to normal.

Root canal therapy from a general dentist

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