Three Things to Know About Fluoride

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Fluoride treatment helps prevent dental cavities by protecting teeth enamel and reversing the early stages of tooth decay while the enamel is weakened and not eroded. Fluoride is also a very safe and easily accessible natural mineral that patients can implement into their daily oral care routines. 

Fluoride: here’s what you need to know

The following are three important things to know about fluoride, including why exactly it is good for teeth, how you can implement fluoride treatment daily, and what other measures you can take to prevent cavities along with fluoride treatment. 

1. Fluoride makes your teeth more resistant to cavities

Fluoride is a natural mineral that, when used for dental purposes, helps strengthen tooth enamel and make teeth more resistant to cavities. Cavities occur when the enamel on teeth is attacked by a combination of bacteria and food particles that create an acidic reaction, which breaks down the minerals in teeth. Fluoride remineralizes teeth and helps protect against these acidic attacks on enamel. 

2. Fluoride is safe and easy to implement into daily oral care

Fluoride is also a safe substance to use. It is a mineral that is found in nature and perfectly healthy to consume. Subsequently, it is easy to implement into one’s daily oral care routine without any restrictions. Of course, too much of anything can be bad, but the use of fluoride toothpaste or fluoride mouthwash daily is safe and a great way to keep teeth strong. 

In fact, many cities and states have placed fluoride into the public drinking supply. This is an attempt to reduce the number of cavities individuals develop, and there is essentially no risk to consuming water that has fluoride. Instead, it is actually beneficial to do so. 

3. Fluoride is not a replacement for smart dietary choices

Fluoride is a great way to strengthen teeth enamel, but it is not a replacement for good oral hygiene via brushing and flossing daily or a substitute for smart dietary choices. The detrimental impact of eating foods that are high in carbohydrates such as sugar can often outweigh the benefits that fluoride can provide, so a balance of good dietary choices and a fluoride treatment is important. 

The importance of regular check-up visits with the dentist

Just the same as fluoride is not a substitute for smart dietary choices, it is also not a substitute for regular visits to the dentist for a check-up and routine cleaning. If necessary, the dentist may even recommend a stronger fluoride treatment to strengthen enamel that may show early signs of weakening. 

Schedule a check-up and cleaning visit with our dental practice

If it has been more than six months since your last check-up visit with the dentist or you have since developed oral health or cosmetic concerns that need to be addressed, then contact our dental practice to schedule a visit. We offer a range of preventive and restorative services to help you get your oral health where it needs to be and maintain it long-term.

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