Tooth Replacement Options After a Single Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extraction is recommended when an infection is about to get out of control or a tooth is so damaged that there are no treatments that can be used to repair or rebuild it. For most patients, their treatment does not stop after the tooth extraction unless it was a wisdom tooth that was removed.

With the exception of wisdom teeth, teeth serve specific purposes, and living without them can lead to a variety of issues. Teeth have roots that are responsible for keeping the jaw stimulated so living with a missing tooth leads to bone tissue loss. People who have a missing tooth are more likely to deal with alignment issues as their remaining teeth move towards the gap in an attempt to close it up.

Replacing a missing tooth restores its lost function and it improves the appearance of the patient's smile. It also promotes good oral health.

Teeth replacement options after tooth extraction

Here are some of the popular ways a dentist might recommend to replace a tooth that has been extracted:

1. Implants

Dental implants are an excellent choice when it comes to restoring the oral cavity after tooth extraction. These prosthetics are inserted into the patient's jaw and they serve as a base for a crown that replaces the missing tooth.

Implants are the only tooth replacement option that replaces the roots of teeth that fall out. This little detail helps to prevent the bone tissue loss that takes place when teeth fall out. This reason is also why implants are the most recommended way to replace missing teeth after tooth extraction.

Implants can also be combined with other prosthetics like dentures and bridges. Doing so provides a better alternative for those who are missing multiple teeth.

2. Dental bridges

These prosthetics do exactly what their name implies. They bridge the gaps created by missing teeth after tooth ex. Bridges only replace the visible part of lost teeth, so it does not affect bone tissue loss. Bridges are usually anchored down to the two teeth closest to the gap. They are called abutments and they are fitted with crowns for extra stability. Artificial teeth are then attached to the abutments to replace missing teeth. Bridges are often recommended when a patient is missing multiple teeth.

3. Dentures

These are often the best option for people who have lost most of their teeth. At times, tooth extractions are performed before fitting patients with dentures if the patient only has a few teeth. Dentures are affordable prosthetics and they restore the look and function of lost teeth.

Dentures do not replace missing teeth roots, so wearers are still vulnerable to the bone deterioration that takes place after teeth fall out. Dentures come with specialized cleaning requirements that include cleaning the prosthetic with a toothbrush every night and soaking it in a denture solution.

Replace missing teeth

Replacing missing teeth after a tooth extraction allows individuals to get back to how life once was. Call or visit our Fort Lauderdale practice to start the process.

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