What an Emergency Dentist Can Treat and Common General Dentistry Follow-Up

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Emergency dentists can treat a wide range of injuries, whether it be a jaw dislocation or a severe chip in a tooth. However, most of the time, a general dentist should be seen after the initial treatment to ensure that everything looks okay. In some instances, further general dentistry care may be required to complete the treatment. 

Learning about the different things an emergency dentist can treat is important so anyone can be prepared for a potential injury. This can be especially helpful for people who play sports or are prone to injury.

What can an emergency dentist treat?

Emergency dental services vary, depending on the type of injury. However, common things that a dentist will treat are outlined below.

Dislodged tooth

Whether due to a sports-related injury or a simple accident, a dislodged tooth occurs more frequently than people think. In rare instances, the emergency dentist can replace the tooth. However, most of the time, a follow-up appointment with a general dentist will be needed.

Cracks or chips

An emergency dentist can also treat a severe crack or chip in a tooth. These can occur when a patient experiences a blow to the mouth or if they bite down on something extremely hard.

Sometimes, the emergency dentist can repair the tooth through bonding or a filling. However, there are times in which a dental crown will need to be placed instead. This requires the services of a general dentist.

Common general dentistry follow-up needs

Outlined below are a few common procedures and treatments that a general dentist may need to administer to a patient after their visit with an emergency dentist.

Dental crown placement

Many emergency dentist visits involve a chipped or cracked tooth. In these cases, the emergency dentist will try to repair the tooth, but that is not always possible in one appointment. Instead, a general dentist may have to follow-up with a dental crown, which can take a few appointments due to the need to custom make it in a dental lab.

Tooth replacement

If and when a patient experiences a dislodged tooth, their emergency dentist will likely try to repair it during the initial visit. However, in many instances, the original tooth will not be able to be replaced. Instead, a general dentist may have to consult on a replacement tooth.

Dentures, dental implants and bridges are all common replacement options that a general dentist may recommend to the patient. They can fit the patient for the chosen replacement option and get the treatment process started.

Routine check-up

If the emergency dentist is able to completely repair the patient’s injury, then there will not be any follow-up care required. However, it may be in the patient’s best interest to at least have a simple check-up from their general dentist. This will allow the dentist to check on healing wounds to ensure that everything looks healthy and normal.

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