What Is a CEREC® Dental Crown?

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A dental crown is one of the most popular procedures done by today’s dentists, and CEREC® crowns have become an efficient option for many people in need of the treatment. A crown is a covering for a tooth that may be damaged or decaying. This restoration helps stabilize and protect the tooth from further injury. It can hold together parts of broken or cracked teeth, make up for a tooth that has been shaved down due to a filling or cover a dental implant. If you are wondering how CEREC® crowns compare to traditional dental crowns, here are the basics to understand.

Facts and breakdowns

CEREC® is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. They are an alternative option to traditional crowns made in a lab.


CEREC® crowns are made of a single block of ceramic, as the unabbreviated name suggests, or resin material. This is comparable to the many materials that traditional crowns can be made of, including, though not limited to, metal, ceramic and porcelain.


These crowns are unique in that they can be completely created in the dentist’s office. Traditional crowns must be sent to a lab separate from the office where a patient receives the treatment.


CEREC® crowns serve the same purposes as traditional crowns. They can also conceal discolored teeth, secure a dental bridge in place or act as a replacement tooth for one that is severely worn down.


A traditional crown is made by taking the impression of a patient’s mouth in a large, one-size-fits-all tray full of gooey putty. That impression is then sent to the lab for the creation of the crown. For a CEREC® crown, the impression is taken completely with a digital scan. The data is recorded and the impression is made on the computer in real-time while the dentist scans the patient’s mouth.  


After the patient’s mouth is scanned, the crown is created in the dentist’s office. With such a quick, simple process, the crown can be placed over the problem tooth in the same appointment in which it is made. This saves the patient the time of the second appointment, as well as the need to wear a temporary crown while waiting for the permanent one to be sent from the lab.


The cost of CEREC® crowns is usually around the same as it is for traditional crowns. It can vary because these crowns save an extra trip to the dentist. However, underlying health issues that the dentist discovers upon examination could create other costs for procedures that need to occur before the crown is permanently placed.

Maintaining crowns

After the crown has been inserted by the dentist, it is advised to avoid overly chewy or sticky foods for a few days. These could adhere to the crown and pull it off. There may be sensitivity around the crown immediately following the treatment.


A dentist may be able to advise a patient on the proper kind of crown to use. Knowing about CEREC® crowns opens the door to another available option.

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