When a Denture Repair Might Be Necessary

Posted on: November 26, 2019

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You should consider dentures if you need to replace your missing teeth, but denture repair is necessary from time to time. As a person ages, the mouth changes shape. The jaws may not align as the gums and bones naturally recede and shrink and the dentures may eventually end up not fitting well any longer. The material dentures are made from may also erode or fatigue. If an appliance has not been in function for a certain duration, it is not uncommon for a denture to fracture.

Denture repair

Complete dentures may be ideal for replacing all the teeth while partial dentures can be used to replace some but not all of the teeth. However, even dentures may require repair at some point. It is always recommended for a person to visit the dentist for any repairs. Here are the reasons when denture repair may be necessary and how it is done.

Fractures and breakages

A poor fit is one of the most common causes of denture fracture. As a patient chews and bites with the dentures, a force is applied that causes small fractures in the material. If the lower and upper sets do not align evenly, a person risks putting pressure on one area. This may eventually lead to a large break occurring. This may reveal a crack that should let a person know the denture needs to be fixed.

Impact fractures are usually also common. These are caused by dropping them. A denture can break at any point, including the teeth or the pink region that represents the gumline. Sometimes, the metal clasps of a partial denture can also get damaged and a person should not put it in the mouth afterward. Fortunately, the materials used to make dentures allow for them to be repaired.


Thin and worn dentures are usually prone to breaking. Dentures with an uneven bite most times put excessive stress on a denture in a particular site which causes them to break at that spot. This problem can also occur when worn teeth on the denture lead to the poor distribution of chewing forces. With time, this can end up ruining a good fit which will make it harmful to not only the denture but also a patient’s gums and bone in the oral cavity.

Common denture repairs

Over time, dentures will have to be relined, remade or rebased because of normal wear, other natural age-related changes to a patient’s face, gums or jawbones or if the appliances become loose. Denture repair may involve revitalizing or relining the denture. Taking into account that the bone and gums under a denture can change with time, they may continue to shrink until it may be necessary to reset the denture. If problems are caught early enough, a dentist can add back material which will help improve the fit. This is referred to as basing or relining the denture and it is usually done at the office of the dentist.

Contact your dentist

You should be careful when handling your dentures. Dentures can slip out of your hands easily so it is recommended to have a towel underneath when cleaning it. You should also check your denture regularly for wear and fatigue. If you think your denture needs to be repaired, talk to your dentist.

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