Why It’s Important to Leave Denture Repair to a Dental Professional

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Denture repair is a good way of restoring your false teeth to be like new. There are many issues that you might face with dentures, but repairing the teeth is the most common one. As soon as you notice an issue, you should repair your denture. That will prevent it from getting worse. However, leaving the denture repair to a professional is important.

Saving money

As with other dental appliances such as braces, dentures will need repair at some time. For instance, patients might notice erosion of the plastic or breakage. Avoiding visiting the dentist will only allow these issues to worsen. At some point, the patient might need to have a complete denture replacement. This will cost more money for the patient than getting regular repairs. That is why as soon as the teeth become loose or cracked, it should be dealt with.

Relieving discomfort

Often, dentures break because of a poor fit. When chewing and biting with a poorly fitting denture, the materials might get microfractures. These breaks are small enough that the patient might not notice them right away. This issue can occur when the upper and lower set do not properly align. Stress points are created in this case.

Then the tiny fractures will appear because of too much pressure being applied to some areas. Eventually, the fractures will grow large enough that the set of teeth will break. With professional denture repair, the patient can reduce the discomfort of a poor fit. That will keep them in place more when the patient eats or speaks.

Improving oral health

If the dentures are broken, it is not appealing to see. But it is also harmful to the jawbone and gums. If there are sharp edges or the teeth do not fit, this can rub against the patient’s gums. That can cause irritation. Denture repair can help the patient to avoid these issues. Other problems might also result, including:

  • Misalignment of other teeth
  • Trouble with chewing or biting
  • Reduced bone density

Denture repair also reduces the chance that the patient will have gingivitis. This is a type of gum disease that involves bleeding and swollen gums. When the dentures are maintained well, irritation will not result. It also allows the patient to eat more foods.

Restoring the smile

Patients should choose denture repair if the dentures need cleaning or polishing. Realignment can also be done. Discolorations and stains can often be removed at a regular appointment. The result will be an improved smile and even more ease in speaking and eating.

Choose professional dental repair today

Your dentist can help you decide on the right way to maintain your dentures. This is vital if this is your first time having dentures. You might not have as much experience in maintaining them. However, if the teeth have worn out over time, your dentist can help you by repairing them. Making an appointment today is your first step toward a better smile.

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