A General Dentist Discusses When to Get Teeth Whitening Done

Teeth Whitening Fort Lauderdale, FL

Considering teeth whitening from a general dentist? There are specific times that a patient should consider professional in-office whitening treatment. The treatment can provide patients with a bright, white smile, which will help boost confidence and increase the likelihood of smiling.

Learning more about what a general dentist has to say regarding when to get teeth whitening can be helpful for someone who is considering their options. Each patient is different, meaning that ultimately, it is best to consult with a general dentist for patient-specific answers.

A general dentist discusses when to get teeth whitening

Outlined below are a few scenarios in which a general dentist would recommend teeth whitening treatment. Keep reading to find out more!

Severe staining

One of the most obvious times that general dentists recommend teeth whitening is when the teeth are severely stained. Many people have mild staining on the enamel of their teeth, which can range from mild to moderate. However, when staining gets out of control, there may be a rotten appearance, which can make smiling difficult.

If and when a patient reaches a severe staining stage, then the general dentist will likely recommend professional teeth whitening to lift and remove the stains. In certain instances, the patient may have to undergo multiple rounds of teeth whitening to fully remove the stains.

Mild to moderate staining

General dentists also offer teeth whitening to patients with mild to moderate staining. If the stains are caught early enough, then the patient may only need one round of in-office treatment. They may also be eligible for professional at-home teeth whitening kits, which can also only be administered or prescribed by a general dentist.

Mild to moderate staining may only be from a few months, while more severe cases may be years' worth of buildup. General dentists recommend getting mild and moderate stains treated right away to ensure that they do not get worse over time. It is easier to treat lighter stains than it is to tackle the ones that have been on the enamel for years. 

Prior to dental restorations

Many general dentists recommend that patients undergo teeth whitening treatment prior to their dental restorations. Certain dental restorations such as dental crowns, bonding or veneers cannot be bleached. This means that if the remaining natural teeth stain, the teeth may not match the restoration.

General dentists recommend having whitening done prior to veneer placement. The dentist can then match the customizable dental veneer to the freshly whitened teeth. This ensures that the restoration provides a renewed smile without the patient having to fear different colored teeth.

Teeth whitening from a general dentist

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