How Cosmetic Dentistry Brightens Smiles With Teeth Whitening

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The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to help patients achieve a smile that they can feel proud to show off. Perhaps the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure is in-office, professional teeth whitening. This article discusses what teeth whitening is and when it may be recommended as a part of a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan.

Cosmetic dentistry: A detailed review of teeth whitening

The following is everything to know about teeth whitening to reach your cosmetic dentistry goals, including what it is exactly, what takes place during a procedure, how professional treatment compares to store-bought kits, and how to keep teeth white after each whitening procedure.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive and effective way to brighten teeth by up to eight shades. In-office whitening is performed by a dental professional to minimize the risk of any damage to tooth enamel or gums.

What happens during a teeth whitening procedure?

A teeth whitening procedure takes place comfortably in the dentist's office. The patient sits in the dental chair and after the teeth are cleaned and rinsed, the dentist or hygienist protects the gums and applies a whitening agent. The whitening agent is left on the surface of the teeth for 3-15 minute sessions over a one hour period. If necessary, the dentist may recommend repeating the treatment process until the desired results are achieved.

Professional whitening vs. store-bought kits

A frequently asked question dentists receive is how in-office whitening compares to store-bought whitening kits. The fact is the results for professional, in-office teeth whitening are much more reliable and long-lasting than those from store-bought whitening kits. Professional whitening can brighten teeth by as much as eight shades, and the results typically last for more than a year, whereas the results of store-bought kits are less effective and only last a couple of months in most cases.

The ideal candidate for teeth whitening

Dentists recommend teeth whitening for patients that have healthy enamel but have mild to moderate stains. For severe stains, the dentist may recommend veneers, depending on the patient’s preferences and budget. However, many patients are able to achieve their desired results with in-office teeth whitening.

How to keep teeth white after a whitening procedure

The results of teeth whitening should last for more than a year. However, the duration of the results depends largely on how well the patient cares for their teeth. Regular dental cleaning visits every four to six months are a great way to keep teeth stain-free. Additionally, it is important to brush, floss, and use mouthwash properly between dental visits as well, along with making smart dietary choices and avoiding dental trauma.

Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

It can help to have as much information as possible before proceeding with a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan that includes professional, in-office teeth whitening. The following are three common questions that dentists receive about professional teeth whitening for a brighter and more attractive smile.

Is teeth whitening covered by my dental insurance provider?

Teeth whitening, along with other procedures that are primarily for cosmetic purposes, is not usually covered by dental insurance policies because it is not deemed medically necessary the same way repairing a broken tooth would be. With that said, professional, in-office teeth whitening is typically a more affordable procedure, and the results should last for more than a year.

Can I receive professional teeth whitening if I have dental cavities?

Dental cavities are not necessarily a disqualifier for professional teeth whitening. However, most cosmetic dentists will recommend treating the cavities before proceeding with professional teeth whitening. During the first visit, the dentist and the patient can arrange a schedule that addresses all oral health needs as well as the patient’s cosmetic goals.

Can professional teeth whitening help treat severely-stained teeth?

Professional teeth whitening can brighten the patient’s smile by as much as 10 shades in certain cases. This means that teeth whitening may work for even some of the more severe cases of dental stains. However, there are instances where teeth whitening can not adequately help the patient reach their goals if the stains are too severe. In this case, dental veneers may be a more appropriate treatment solution.

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