How Will Clear Aligners Straighten My Teeth?

Clear Aligners Fort Lauderdale, FL

It is a known fact that clear aligners work even though they are vastly different from braces in appearance. The invisibility potential of clear aligners makes them a go-to option for all age groups. But how exactly do they work? Continue reading to learn more.

How aligners work

Aligners use a careful calibrated technological force to bring the teeth into a new position. They essentially remodel the teeth with the aid of a 3D framework designed to move them in the desired direction.

When clear aligners are attached to the teeth, the periodontal ligament is stretched on one side and compressed on the other. The pressure applied and the ensuing reaction is a mode of operation for clear aligners. That said, the pressure causes a form of mild inflammation, and patients can experience slight soreness. However, the body attempts to heal, thus producing new cells to aid the treatment.

The plan that a patient opts for is directly tailored or customized to meet specific requirements. Consequently, the teeth are straightened mechanically, gradually, and gently. When the aligners are set, each one moves in a small but consistent manner. It is such that when one aligner set moves, the next set builds on the work done by the former. Gradually, the teeth move fully into the desired position, and the active phase is complete.

Before they get to the desired position

One could assume that once aligners are worn, the teeth begin to move, but that is not the case. Since aligners are not directly attached to the teeth, they use pressure points known as attachments.

Attachments are a color-bumps that are attached to the teeth as treatment commences. Their appearance follows the pattern of movement required. They apply pressure from aligners onto the teeth by directing them to their exact positions.

Furthermore, certain treatments may use elastics, similar to a rubber band. Elastics are sometimes required to facilitate the consecutive movement of the upper and lower teeth. If a set of teeth does not fit exactly within the aligners, minor reshaping or resizing could work. These procedures are minimal and cause no discomfort at all.

Clear aligners can solve minor tooth cases and provide lasting solutions to movement challenges. Note that getting results depends on both the patient and the expert.

In conclusion

The teeth will only move when force is applied consistently. So, stay committed to keeping your aligners on for at least 22 hours every day. Otherwise, you will extend the timing and less force could impact results. Be sure to keep the schedule with your general dentist of monitoring the fit of your aligners. While it is possible to predict the results of aligners, the accuracy may vary from person to person. You can keep track of results by following up daily or downloading an app. Clear aligners can provide results, but keeping a healthy oral regimen can improve your chances.

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