Non-Profit Organizations a Dentist in Fort Lauderdale Might Assist With

Posted on: October 29, 2019

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Although dentistry can at times be costly, a compassionate dentist in Fort Lauderdale is not just about the money to be made from performing dental care. Dentists all over the country are involved in a myriad of ways in caring for the teeth and oral health of those who may have difficulties getting help any other way.

How are dentists involved?

There are many non-profit organizations around the country that are greatly in need of caring and qualified dentists to help out the less fortunate, particularly children. Some dentists may offer services in personally owned practices, while others may perform treatments in designated dental care locations. 

Charitable Smiles

Dentists partnering with this foundation use their own offices to perform services. Nearly 7,200 people receive dental care for every $1 million dollars in donations. A dentist in Fort Lauderdale can have a role in this charity regardless of field of focus or specialty.

Give Back a Smile

This charity is focused primarily on women and children who are domestic abuse survivors. Many of these people suffer from broken, chipped or knocked-out teeth and even possible jaw misalignment due to the violence that has been endured. A relatively new charity, dentists have helped over 900 abuse patients as they heal from abusive situations.

Fall for Smiles

The incidents of children missing school days due to dental-related illness or pain is on the rise, so this foundation strives to educate children about oral hygiene. Each fall when school begins, activities, demonstrations and information are given to help teach children the proper methods for and encourage them to stick with brushing, flossing, healthy eating and avoiding tobacco, which can severely damage teeth.


Donated Dental Services

This program helps the elderly and disabled receive dental care. Participating dentists provide treatment in office and offer free or low-cost care for those over age 65 who are unable to get help otherwise.

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children

This foundation works to assist children in obtaining and maintaining good oral heath. The main focus is on educating people about how to best care for the mouth, teeth and gums of children to prevent childhood dental disease in order to preserve overall health.

Christina’s Smile

This unique dental charity provides assistance to children of low-income families in any of the cities where the PGA Tours are held. Dentists from all over can volunteer to help with this three-day clinic held in a 48-foot trailer. Tooth extractions, crowns and sealants are among services offered. Follow-up care referrals are given so that the dental work can be preserved and to minimize additional problems.


Dentists can provide a critical component of health care. Many other physical illnesses and maladies can come from the lack of appropriate oral hygiene or consistent visits to the dentist. Than is why so often a dentist in Fort Lauderdale will offer services to the needy in the community, particularly children and elderly for whom it can make such a difference.

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