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For years, dentists have used crowns to restore and protect patients’ damaged teeth. This effective procedure can reduce pain and make it easier to chew your favorite foods. In many cases, this treatment restores smiles and helps people feel better about their appearance.

If you have concerns about your teeth, your dentist has a solution. A cap could be just what you need to get the relief you are looking for. In an emergency situation, your dentist can even get you in for a same-day appointment and take care of the entire process at once.

Issues that require caps

Good oral hygiene will often negate the need to get this treatment. However, people who do not regularly brush or floss could develop decay or infection. When this happens, a filling will not be sufficient. The dentist will perform a root canal and put a crown on top to protect the tooth from further problems. Another reason people need this care is when a hard blow to the face chips or cracks the tooth. The cap can restore the damaged tooth, improving the way it looks and works.

When a same-day appointment is necessary

In many situations, patients have to wait a few days or weeks to get crowns for their teeth problems. When the pain is so severe that it inhibits the person’s ability to eat or function, it is time to go in for an emergency visit. In this case, the patient can call the dentist, explain the problem and come in right away. Most dentists can accommodate patients’ needs under these circumstances.

For convenience

Sometimes, the patient may simply want to do the procedure quickly to avoid waiting or having multiple appointments. Same-day crowns are not made in an off-site lab where it can take a week or more to make them. Instead, the dentist uses 3D technology to make an impression. The staff will use that to make a ceramic cap in the office, which the dentist can then fit over the person’s tooth immediately.

The benefits of same-day crowns

Not only does this process provide faster relief for an ailing patient, but it cuts down on wait time for busy people. Instead of taking an additional day off work or missing out on other activities, the patient can take care of the entire process in one visit. Also, the porcelain material fits nicely over the tooth and matches the color and shape of the surrounding teeth. Patients will also not have to worry about getting any temporary caps or fillings while waiting for the permanent one.

Experience the difference

It can be time-consuming and tiring to go to your dentist’s office for multiple appointments, especially if you need major dental work. There may also be times when you cannot bear to wait long for dental treatment. Same-day crowns offer a different way to reaping large cavities and fixing cracks. Call your dentist today to see whether this option is available for you and your needs.

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