Treatments and Procedures That May Follow an Emergency Dentist Visit

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A visit to an emergency dentist will likely result in a few follow-up appointments with a general dentist. Emergency dentists are able to stop initial bleeding, swelling or pain. However, they are not necessarily responsible for long-term treatment. Instead, a general dentist will take care of follow-up procedures and check-up appointments.

Learning about the treatments and procedures that may follow an emergency dentist appointment can be helpful to someone who is not sure what comes next.

Treatments and procedures that may follow an emergency dentist visit

Want to know more about what comes after an initial emergency dentist visit? Keep reading to find out more!

Dental crown fitting and placement

Many emergency dentist visits involve a severe crack or chip in a person’s tooth. This may require a dental crown placement. However, it is unlikely that a dental crown can be placed in that same emergency visit.

Most emergency dentists will place a temporary dental crown and order a custom-made, permanent one to a dental lab. Later on, a general dentist will place that permanent crown once it has been created.

Implant placement

In severe cases, a patient may require a complete tooth replacement. Most emergency dentists are not able to replace a missing tooth in the initial emergency appointment. Instead, they will likely place a temporary solution and refer the patient to a general dentist.

One of the best methods of tooth replacement is a dental implant. Implants require custom creation within a dental lab, which is why the patient would not be able to have the procedure done during the initial emergency dentist visit. In the case of implants, a general dentist, as well as an oral surgeon, will likely have to be consulted to perform the replacement treatment.

Orthodontic care

Certain emergency dentist visits result in the need for orthodontic care. A blow to the face or mouth may knock some teeth out of place or cause a shift in teeth. In the initial emergency appointment, the dentist will not likely be able to set the teeth back into a straight place. Instead, they will likely stop any bleeding or swelling and refer the patient to a general dentist for a follow-up appointment.

Orthodontic care may be required after the emergency dentist visit. There may be a need for braces, aligners or a simple retainer. The follow-up appointment with the general dentist will involve a treatment plan to repair the damage done.

General dentistry treatments and procedures

Once an emergency dentist diagnoses the problem, they will treat the injury to the best of their ability. However, they will likely also refer the patient to a general dentist for follow-up care, whether that be a certain procedure or treatment.

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