Veneers from Our Fort Lauderdale Dental Office: How They Are Used

Dental veneers are used to change the appearance of your dentition. If you are not satisfied with your look, you can take measures to correct the flaw. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to transform the look and feel of your teeth with different solutions.

Why veneers?

Dental veneers are a common option because they blend well with the natural teeth. A veneer is produced from ceramic or porcelain and comes out as a thin shell glued to the face of the tooth to transform its appearance while keeping most of the tooth’s structure.

Veneer placement

For the placement procedure, the dentist will scrape a tiny portion of the enamel from the tooth’s surface and fuse veneers onto it. This is to ensure the veneer bonds to the tooth without making the teeth unusually large or bulgy. Veneers are typically manufactured in dental labs, meaning that you will receive a temporary restoration for one or two weeks before they are ready.

After making the veneers, the dentist will book you for another appointment to have the temporary ones replaced with the permanent ones. With veneers, you can consume all your regular food and maintain them like your natural teeth; this makes them an excellent and popular long-term cosmetic solution.

Ways dental veneers are used

Close spaces between the teeth

This issue can have adverse effects on your teeth’s appearance and functionality. Spaces between the teeth are conspicuous when you talk or smile, reducing your overall aesthetic appeal. Closing the gaps by putting veneers on them is an easy and faster alternative to getting orthodontic treatment.

Mask discolorations

Typically, teeth whitening treatment should eliminate stains and discolorations on the teeth. This will normally enhance the appearance, but there are instances when stains do not come off as they ought to. In such cases, dental veneers can help to mask the teeth stains and beautify the smile.

Straighten teeth

Although veneers are not exactly good for changing the teeth’s position, they can help to give the teeth a straighter appearance. This procedure entails scraping off a part of the enamel and putting a veneer on the tooth’s surface. If only one or two crooked teeth are present, veneers are a perfect solution because they solve the issue faster than orthodontics.

Restore damaged teeth

If your teeth crack or chip, you should visit the dental office for a dental restoration immediately. This is vital to prevent any infections or discomfort. Veneers are a natural restoration for strengthening a structurally impaired tooth.

Final note

Always remember to clean your teeth twice day and floss after meals to prevent tooth decay. Although veneers are impervious to decay, the other exposed part of the teeth is not. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is a great way to shield your teeth and make your veneers last longer.

It is also advisable to monitor your snacking habits because such meals aid the formation and buildup of decay-causing plaque. Consider eating three meals daily with some snacks in between.

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