What Are Dental Fillings Used For?

When it comes to the human mouth, there are loads of bacteria lurking around.  Sometimes you can brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. It is important to follow all of the dentist's guidelines since you still may end up with cavities, no matter what you do. Thus, it is important to start looking at what nutrition your body is currently getting.

Once bacteria build up on your teeth, it then turns into plaque and tartar, which can later rot away at your beautiful teeth. Most people may not realize that they can help protect their teeth from cavities through remineralization. Dental fillings are necessary when you have a rotten tooth that are beyond the possibility of remineralization.

If you do not get a dental filling, you could risk your entire tooth, this can then move to the nerve and give you gum disease. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and visiting your dentist twice a year can greatly benefit your oral health.

Dental fillings help keep your teeth intact and save your tooth or teeth from further rotting.  When you go for your normal dental checkups, the dentist will take low dose X-rays that can detect cavities in the making.

Prevention Is Your Best Bet To Avoid Dental Fillings

As with anything health-related, it is important to know that properly eating right and going in for your normal checkups are also crucial for your oral health. While people do not always implement these methods for care, it is necessary to do so.

If you always get cavities and your teeth are already your adult set, then you may want to consult your dentist about an underlying health issue. Even if you take proper care of your teeth, an underlying condition can make all of that effort for naught.

Dental fillings come in all sorts of forms. You can choose a porcelain filling that matches the color of your teeth or you may choose gold fillings.  Dental fillings restore the tooth to provide healthy functionality and prevent the decay from spreading further into the tooth, root and gum. Thankfully, dental fillings exist to prevent this problem.

Avoid Plaque Like the Plague

Contrary to popular belief, it is not too difficult to notice a cavity. One of the common signs of a cavity is noticing black on the groove of the tooth. Another common sign involves experiencing frequent jaw pain for no immediate reason. While remineralization is a possible treatment that occurs with saliva or fluoride, seeking professional treatment is also advisable.

If you want to avoid dental fillings, then it is wise to chew sugar-free gum after your meals, brush your teeth often and rinse your mouth with water every time you eat. This way, the bacteria and plaque do not have an opportunity to multiply. The best course of prevention is to also seek regular dental checkups at least twice a year. Visits to Smiles By Julia can prevent the early stages of a cavity and help keep your teeth healthy.

Request a dental appointment here: https://www.smilesbyjulia.com or call Smiles By Julia at (954) 271-8034 for an appointment in our Fort Lauderdale dental office.

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