What Is Same-Day Dental Restoration?

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Learning more about the importance of getting a dental restoration is important. According to the Cleveland Clinic, restorations are the various ways your dentist can replace or restore missing teeth or missing parts of the tooth structure. A few common examples of dental restorations include dental fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants and dentures.

What is same-day dental restoration?

Regular dental appointments are important, as a dental professional can find problems before they get out of hand. Now that same-day dental services are available, you can potentially have all of your dental problems fixed all on the same day, which is quite convenient.

Popular types of dental restoration that can be performed on the same day

The list below includes some of the more popular dental restorations busy people are choosing nowadays. These same-day dental solutions are in fact becoming more popular for all types of dental patients, as it is much easier to have one’s dental problems addressed and fixed in just one dental appointment.

Dental crowns

The ability to have a dental crown placed on the same day instead of having to wait for a few weeks for a dental lab to make and send the crown back to the dental office is now possible with same-day dental services. Since there is no longer a need for those who require one or more dental crowns to improve the overall health of their mouths to make two different dental appointments, those who are in need are more likely to make an appointment due to this high level of convenience.

Dental bridges

Same-day dental bridges are a popular choice amongst those who are in need of tooth replacement services. A dental bridge works by replacing missing teeth using a dental device that is specifically made for each individual patient in order to bridge the gap where they are missing teeth. It is held securely in place using two crowns on the ends, which are placed over the adjacent teeth. Those who are missing even just one of their teeth can experience many additional problems, making tooth replacement treatments essential.

Dental veneers

Same-day dental veneers are now available, a cosmetic option that many people are choosing nowadays as they can essentially design the way they look when they smile. Veneers can be used to repair teeth that include any type of imperfections, such as chips. They can also cover up any discolorations in the teeth that cannot be removed through professional teeth whitening, which can happen when taking certain types of medications.

Are you in need of a dental restoration?

Need to make an appointment for dental restoration services? If you are, then we invite you to contact us now so you can let us know what types of dental restoration you need. If you are not sure, then we can perform a full mouth evaluation and let you know what it will take for your mouth to be healthy once again. Ready to have a healthier mouth in just one day?

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