5 Tips to Clean Dentures

Proper denture care is essential to prolong the lifespans of these dental prosthetics. When properly maintained, dentures can last up to 10 years.

Dentures are the go-to option when a person is missing most of their natural teeth. These devices look natural and help the wearer regain the natural function of their teeth.

Missing several teeth can make basic tasks like speaking and chewing difficult. It can also lower a person's self-esteem, considering that the condition of a person's teeth is one of the first things people notice.

Proper dental care

Traditional dentures do come with a rigorous cleaning routine. These devices should be taken out every night and cleaned with a denture cleaner and toothbrush. Dentures should also be soaked in denture solution overnight.

Regardless of how well a person takes care of their dentures, some stains and discoloration will occur. Here are five simple things that can be done to clean dentures:

1. Use lemon juice

Lemon juice is acidic, and it has some stain removal and bleaching properties. Simply squeeze a lemon into a cup of water. Soak the dentures in the solution for 30 to 40 minutes, then take it out and rinse it with cold water.

Be careful not to soak the dentures for more than 40 minutes, since the corrosive acids in the lemon juice can damage the device.

2. Use baking soda

Baking soda has whitening properties that are effective on your natural teeth and dental prosthetics like dentures. Baking soda is also effective at removing odors from your device. To clean with baking soda, simply dab a wet toothbrush in baking soda and use the paste to gently clean the prosthetic.

3. Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another whitening agent readily available in supermarkets. It can be safely used to clean dentures and your natural teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is particularly effective at removing stains and discoloration.

To clean dentures, take them out and apply hydrogen peroxide directly to its surfaces. Use a toothbrush to gently clean the artificial teeth. See visible results after a single application of hydrogen peroxide. Just make sure you are very gentle when cleaning, since hydrogen peroxide is abrasive.

4. Use salt

Salt is another effective product that can be used for denture care, and most people have it in their kitchens. There are two ways to clean dentures using salt.

One method is to simply dab a wet toothbrush in salt, then gently use the toothbrush to clean the device. The second method involves soaking the denture overnight in a solution of one tablespoon of salt mixed with water. With both methods, rinse the device thoroughly with cold water afterward.

5. Use white vinegar

White vinegar effectively removes plaque buildup and bacteria from your dentures. There no need to dilute the vinegar. Just fill up a cup with it and soak the device overnight. Take the dentures out in the morning, and clean it with a toothbrush to remove all the debris.

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