Tips to Prevent Stained Teeth

Stained teeth are not an inevitability. Even if you enjoy dark-colored foods and beverages, it is not a given that you will stain your teeth. Every patient has the power to minimize tooth staining to a certain degree. The choices you make in terms of food and beverage consumption and oral hygiene dictate whether you will stain your teeth and the extent of the staining. Here is a look at how to decrease the chances of staining and keep your teeth looking their best.

Make the transition to an electric toothbrush

Switching to an electric toothbrush will make it that much easier to prevent teeth from staining. Electric toothbrushes do all the work, moving the brush in circles over and over to clean both rows of teeth. Furthermore, setting the electric toothbrush's timer for two minutes ensures a proper length of cleaning to prevent staining, decay, etc.

Implement a whitening toothpaste

Phase out your regular toothpaste and switch to a whitening variety. Even if this type of toothpaste only makes the teeth slightly whiter, it is well worth it.

Use a whitening mouthwash

You need every advantage you can get to whiten your teeth and keep them the perfect shade. Even your mouthwash selection plays a role in preventing stained teeth. Choose a mouthwash that is antibacterial so it can combat stain-causing plaque. Several different types of antibacterial, whitening mouthwashes are available.

Drink through a straw

There is nothing feminine or childish about drinking through a straw. In fact, more and more people are using straws as the awareness of the impact of beverages on teeth heightens. There is no sense letting beverages like coffee, tea, soda and juice contact your teeth when you can enjoy them through a straw. Go ahead and drink your wine through a straw as well. It might seem a bit immature to down your booze with a straw, yet it will keep your smile looking its best.

Eat those greens

Consuming green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale and broccoli can help prevent tooth stains. Eating greens prior to enjoying a tooth-staining food like pasta with red sauce can help protect them. These green veggies add a layer of protective film to your teeth that stop staining. Vegetables and fruits like apples, carrots and celery do the same when eating a meal that has the potential to stain the teeth. Even cheese can neutralize acid that leads to stains.

Drink milk or water

Swig some milk or water to wash away staining foods and beverages before they have the chance to settle in on your pearly whites. You can also rinse out your mouth with water after eating or drinking the items that are likely to stain the teeth. The sooner you rinse, the better. Taking these steps will help to keep your teeth looking their best.

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