As a CEREC Dentist We Can Restore a Damaged Tooth in One Day

CEREC DentistIf you damage your tooth, visit a CEREC dentist.  We can restore your tooth in the same day.  This innovative procedure makes it both easier and faster to repair your tooth so that you can look and feel as good as new.

Traditionally, if a tooth were damaged in a car wreck, sporting accident, or due to infection, it would take several appointments to restore it.  The first step is to examine the tooth, remove any infection and clean the area.  Next, an impression would be taken of the damaged tooth so that a mold can be sent to the lab for a dental crown or veneer to be created.

It typically takes a dental lab up to two weeks to create a natural looking ceramic crown.  During this time, your damaged tooth would be prepared by removing a portion of the enamel so that the crown can fit securely around it. Since this leaves the tooth vulnerable to sensitivity, a temporary crown is worn while the permanent one is being created.  This process requires making several trips to the dentist.  However, as a CEREC dentist we have a better way of doing things.

When a patient comes in with a damaged tooth, we can restore it without delay.  The first part of the process is the same.  We will still examine the tooth, remove any infection and clean the area.  Next, we will take digital images of the tooth and surrounding teeth instead of using the typical material used while creating an impression.  These digital images will be uploaded into our software and adjustments made until the exact dimension for a new crown are created.  The image, dimensions, and instructions will be sent to our machine so that the new crown can be created.  This is a similar concept to a 3D printer and how it can be used to create new inventions both at home and in the lab.

While we wait for the machine to create your crown, we will prepare your tooth.  A small portion of the enamel must be removed so that the crown will fit securely around your damaged tooth without disrupting the teeth around it. You will be given sedation during this part of the treatment to ensure your total comfort.  Once the new crown has been created, we will ensure that the fit and shade is a perfect match before permanently bonding it to your tooth.

This procedure is so effective that many people visit a CEREC dentist to improve the appearance of their smile, rather than simply restoring teeth.  As with restorations, we can complete the process in one visit and cover dark stains, close gaps in teeth, make teeth even in size and shape and more.

While you are waiting for your new crown to be completed, you can relax in our warm and welcoming dental office.  We have a casual and beach atmosphere and welcome our patients to hang out.  We make sure that the entire process is comfortable, relaxing and convenient.  To learn more, call and schedule your appointment.

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