Cosmetic Dentistry Options for a Chipped Tooth

Posted on: February 16, 2019

The teeth play a critical role in our lives as they are the main part of our smiles and they are responsible for chewing up anything that is consumed, which is why having a chipped tooth is less than ideal.

Having a chipped tooth is something that a lot of people may not take the time to treat while others do find it necessary to have repaired. Chewing habits and one’s smile may be directly affected by a chipped tooth. It can be beneficial for people with a chipped tooth to know what types of cosmetic dentistry options they have available to them.

In this article, we will go over cosmetic dentistry options available to someone who has a chipped tooth. Read more below!

Cosmetic dentistry options for a chipped tooth

Because cosmetic dentistry has progressed over the years, there are now a few different methods of treatment that one can choose from when it comes to treating a chipped tooth. People often think that there isn’t much that can be done but that is far from the truth!

Dental bonding

If the chip is small or minor then a dentist will likely recommend that dental bonding is done to treat it. Dental bonding is a simple cosmetic procedure that only requires the cosmetic dentist to roughen the surface and apply a composite material that matches the natural tooth. A light is used to cure and harden the composite and then the chipped part of the tooth is no longer visible. 

Dental veneers

A cosmetic dentist will likely recommend that a dental veneer is placed if the chip is severe or harmful to the entire tooth. Sometimes, a tooth that has a severe chip is prone to cracking completely. A dental veneer is a thin shell that can be placed right over the entire tooth so that the chip is protected and secured. Veneers are typically used on teeth that are near the front of the mouth.

Dental filling

A filling may be recommended to treat a chipped tooth if the tooth is a molar and if the chip is minor. Typically fillings are used for restorative purposes and not cosmetic but in some cases, a tooth may benefit from being filled if the chip is near the center of the molar. A cosmetic dentist can use a composite filling so that the tooth looks natural in color.

Dental crown

Crowns are also primarily used for restorative purposes but if the chip is severe enough, then the cosmetic dentist may likely recommend that a dental crown is placed. Dental crowns are offered in porcelain so that nobody has to know that one was placed. The chipped tooth will look natural again through this cosmetic dentistry procedure.


Having a chipped tooth can be an inconvenience when it comes to smiling or even eating. Thankfully, there are a few different ways that a cosmetic dentist can repair a chipped tooth. Whether it be dental bonding or a dental filling, all of the options will help a patient get back to their natural eating and smiling habits!

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