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There are plenty of preventative dental procedures that a general dentist can perform to avoid having dental issues, which can be quite a problem when there are other bills to pay. Save both time and money by preventing the issue from arising in the first place.

Preventative dentistry is all about using procedures that will detect and end diseases and infections in the early stages. The main goal is to save tomorrow’s headache by maintaining and servicing it today.

Preventative dental procedures

Professional cleaning

Having your teeth cleaned often is the number-one way to prevent diseases or infections. During a general dental checkup, your doctor will do two things: Examine and clean your teeth. Although seeing a dentist can take time out of your hectic schedule, it can go a long way toward saving you money later on by removing plaque and tar upon every visit.

On top of all this, make sure to brush at least twice a day and floss daily to ensure that your home routine is up to par with preventing additional issues.

Additional cleaning

Depending on the dentist, you may ask for fluoride treatment or dental sealants. Dental sealants are a thin coat of material applied to the back of the teeth and protect against decay. They also prevent cavities from forming and attacking your enamel by protecting the chewing surfaces of your teeth.

Fluoride treatment is an all-natural solution that helps strengthen your teeth against decay. It is also a popular option used by dentists dealing with patients lacking in fluoride. Fluoride cleaning is usually applied directly to the teeth during a checkup cleaning.

X-rays and screenings

X-rays are now a staple in the traditional dental checkup and for good reason. A three-dimensional beam that helps check bone density and strength, an X-ray provides dentists with a more in-depth examination of the patient’s teeth for dental diseases and other critical issues. If you are a constant smoker, you should also have oral cancer screenings done. Screenings can be done usually right before or after X-rays and can be a quick preventative measure for detecting cancer. 

A new procedure has currently developed, called salivary diagnostics. It is a preventative dental procedure that allows dentists to detect traces of certain diseases through a saliva test. Since the technology is still relatively new, make sure to consult with a specialist before attempting a saliva test on your own.

Can we answer any questions for you?

Everyone both young and old can benefit from preventative dental procedures. In addition to the dental checkups and screenings, you should always practice good oral hygiene by eating a balanced diet with vitamins and ample nutrition. Remember to floss daily and brush at least twice a day, if possible. A general dentist cannot solve all your issues just through preventative measures, so make sure you are doing your part as well!

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