Crooked Teeth? Why Uneven Teeth Are not to Be Ignored

Posted on: August 2, 2018

Thinking about getting your crooked teeth straightened and wondering what your options are going to be? When your teeth are not even, it can directly affect your bite. When your bite is affected, it has the potential to negatively affect the rest of your mouth and jaw areas. While most people tend to associate straight teeth with having a nice smile, and straight teeth do indeed make for a nice smile, it is also important for you to have straight teeth because it supports good dental health.

Crooked teeth

Why do some people have crooked teeth while others have straight teeth? Genetics play a huge role when it comes to our teeth. While this is true, there are some other things that can cause someone to have crooked teeth, like sucking their thumb when they were a child. However, today’s advances in dentistry options allow for anyone to have their teeth straightened, no matter how crooked they are.

Why uneven teeth are not to be ignored

The reason why uneven teeth are not to be ignored is that they have the potential to cause dental problems. When teeth are uneven, they are much more difficult to clean. This means that there could be food particles and plaque left on the teeth even after brushing and flossing. If this is the case, then it is only a matter of time before a cavity diagnosis is given. Another reason why it is recommended for those with uneven teeth to get them straightened is that it can affect the way they chew. When a bite is misaligned due to uneven teeth, it puts additional stress on the jaw joints that can lead to one experiencing various degrees of jaw pain.

Additionally, when someone’s dental health is not in as good shape as it can be, it can lead to their experiencing overall health issues. For example, experiencing mouth issues can lead to one experiencing neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. If someone is diagnosed with a periodontal disease, then they have an increased chance of being diagnosed with general health issues like heart disease or diabetes.

Can we answer your questions?

If you have any questions about crooked teeth, feel free to call us as we are always available to answer your dental-related questions. We completely understand that there is a lot of information online and for that reason, we ask that you call us if you want to be sure that the information you have gathered is indeed correct. It really is important that you have correct information about your oral health, as this is the only way you can be sure that you are always making the right choices. We hope to hear from you soon!

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