How Do Dental Implants Affect Clear Aligners Treatment?

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Clear aligners have become increasingly more popular in the United States. These removable appliances move the teeth using a gradual force without the need for metal wires and brackets. Treating people with dental prosthetics and implants requires the oral health care provider to have a high level of training in orthodontic treatment with aligners. Clear aligners can usually still help people with dental implants. However, treatment can be more complex. Read on to learn more about how dental implants can have an impact on clear aligners’ treatment.

Clear aligners and implants

A dental implant is a common artificial replacement for a missing tooth. The treatment involves the insertion of a metal post into the jawbone. A crown is often placed on the implant so that a person can bite, chew and speak. Implants can be used to anchor either a single tooth or multiple teeth.

A dentist can hold space open or create space in the mouth of a patient who needs dental implants to attain good dental function. Patients with dental implants are often advised to inform their oral health care providers. Implants cannot be moved since the implants are fused to the bone. Letting the dentist know about any dental implants will ensure that no movement is planned for the tooth. This will ensure the implant is not put at risk.

Straightening the smile before tooth replacement

Replacing a lost tooth, especially in a visible area of a person’s mouth, can help to restore a patient’s smile. Implants are a popular option for tooth replacement. Sometimes, orthodontic treatment may be recommended before a tooth is replaced. This may be necessary because if a tooth has been missing for some time, the neighboring teeth can drift gradually into the space it occupied. This will end up taking up the room for the tooth replacement. In that case, the neighboring teeth need to be moved back into their correct positions.

Moving teeth with clear aligners is often recommended by oral health care providers. This option offers particular advantages to patients. One major advantage is that oral hygiene is much easier since the aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing. Tooth movement can also be slowed down to reduce force and protect any loose teeth. Once the teeth are in a favorable alignment, proceeding with tooth replacement with dental implants may then be possible. A patient may still have to wear retainers to ensure the teeth do not drift back and to allow them to stabilize in their new positions.


Depending on the type of malocclusion a patient has, orthodontic treatment to replace lost teeth can take some months. It can even take a couple of years to complete. The new enhanced smile that results from it may last for a long time. A patient with dental implants who opts for treatment using clear aligners should inform the oral health care provider in advance. This will help the dentist to plan properly and to avoid putting the implant at risk. If you want to learn more about how dental prosthetics and implants can affect orthodontic treatment, talk to your dentist.

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