If You Are Pressed for Time, You Need CEREC Dentistry

CERECWe provide CEREC dentistry for patients looking for an immediate dental restoration or to improve the appearance of their smile. If you are currently in need of dental care and want to have your oral health issues solved immediately, CEREC is the best solution for you because it allows us to eliminate the need for a dental lab in most cases. This means there is no delay between when you visit our Fort Lauderdale dental office with a need and when we will be able to resolve that need.

Traditional Dentistry vs. CEREC Dentistry

Traditional Dentistry

The difference between the two options is dramatic. If a patient chips a tooth playing softball, then the patient will need to visit a dentist to restore the tooth. Restoring the tooth will allow the patient to continue eating like normal and not experience discomfort. Typically, on the first appointment, we will examine the teeth and take X-rays. Next, we will take an impression and measurements of the mouth. We will send this information to the dental lab to create a new crown or veneer. While in the office, we will remove a portion of the patient's enamel from the tooth so we can place the final restoration without giving the tooth an overly large appearance.

The challenge is that the prepared tooth will be sensitive to everything, including air. To protect it, we need to secure a temporary restoration using removable glue. Patients will then need to wear it for a week or two. During this time the patient will need to monitor eating and brushing habits. Many patients complain about the inconvenience of making multiple dental appointments for each phase of the traditional dentistry process.

CEREC dentistry

CEREC dentistry is entirely different. When a patient visits for a restoration, we take measurements and image to uploaded into our software. The software will then create a 3D model of the tooth. The software will come up with a blueprint that we will send to our milling machine to complete the restoration while we prepare the patient's tooth. We will still need to remove a portion of the enamel. However, but once done, there is no need to secure a temporary restoration.

This means patients will not need to worry about what they eat. Instead, we will fit the patient for a permanent restoration before they leave, and we will bond it in place. When a patient walks out of our doors, they will be doing so with a fully restored tooth that looks completely natural. In this way, CEREC dentistry is enhancing and improving the experience of our patients.

Given how fast and easy CEREC dentistry is, many of our patients are also seeking this solution to improve the appearance of their teeth by using restorations to close gaps, make teeth appear straighter, cover dark stains, and more. To learn about these options for your smile, call us at (954) 281-1231 and schedule an appointment today.

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