Wear a Retainer After Your Invisalign Dentist Treatment to Keep Teeth Straight

Invisalign DentistA modern way to straighten teeth, an Invisalign dentist has done away with the need for large deposits of metal in your mouth. This, in turn, has made it so that adults everywhere can get their teeth straightened without the fear or the stigma of being ridiculed for having a metal mouth. Working quietly and completely unseen, your invisible aligners will work night and day to straighten your teeth without anyone ever even knowing that they are there. For adults, this has been a revolutionary breakthrough that has taken away the need for crooked teeth and unfortunate smiles.

Treatment begins with an Invisalign® dentist, but it certainly does not end there. While an Invisalign® dentist will work to correct your teeth and by the end of the treatment you will have straight and beautiful teeth, it cannot be a permanent fixture. As with all treatments of this nature, you are going to be required to maintain what you achieved by wearing a retainer. The retainer is designed to prevent nature from undoing the straightening work that the Invisalign® aligners accomplished by continuing to provide a degree of pressure to keep the teeth in place. Some people prefer to have a permanent retainer while others prefer to have the flexibility of a retainer that they can remove, and opt for a temporary retainer.

Retainers work best when you follow the directions of your orthodontist perfectly and ensure that you have the retainers in for the prescribed amount of time. A removable retainer, also known as a temporary retainer, has certain distinct advantages. Primarily this includes the ability to remove it when you need to, or want to eat certain kinds of foods. Mostly this kind of a retainer is worn at night and removed during the day, so it has no influence on your daily activities. Additionally a removable retainer can be taken out of your mouth for brushing and flossing, making these tasks a whole lot easier. In fact, if you are using Invisalign® you can typically use the last aligner you wore as your retainer so nothing else will need to be created unless that aligner wears out.  Unfortunately, there is always the risk that you could forget to wear it, which can lead to the teeth shifting out of position, the same risk you have during the initial treatment.

A permanent retainer is often the dentists preferred choice because it is more effective at holding the teeth in place when your Invisalign® treatment has been completed. Especially for people who want to install it and forget it, a permanent retainer is a much better way to go. It eliminates the potential for human error, like forgetting your retainer when you go on a long trip. Often your orthodontist will recommend a combination of permanent and removable retainers for your top and bottom sets of teeth. Regardless of which option you select, this is an important step for keeping your beautiful teeth as straight as you would like them to be.

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