What is a Partial Denture?

DenturesHave you been living with gaps between your teeth? When you have multiple missing teeth it can be very difficult to live the quality of life you deserve. Recent dental advances allow for a few options for those who need multiple teeth replaced, which means you now have choices when it comes to repairing your oral health. Partial dentures are often the best choice for filing the gaps where teeth are supposed to be. While bridges and veneers are also an option when someone is missing teeth, these options tend to be the best option when only a few teeth are missing. When multiple teeth are gone, a partial denture is often the best choice.

Missing multiple teeth? Contact us now so we can schedule a consultation appointment with a professional dentist who can give you a complete evaluation.

What exactly is a partial denture?

A partial denture is exactly what it sounds like. Because not everyone needs a full set of dentures when missing many teeth, a dentist will recommend custom dentures be made. These custom-made dentures will be specifically made for the areas in the mouth that are missing teeth, which makes them a partial denture. While this removable prosthesis is made using a combination of metal and acrylic so wearers can expect them to be super strong and sturdy, some are all acrylic, making them a little less durable.

Those who are not sure whether or not they need partial or full dentures are encouraged to call a professional dentist with their specific situation.

A few things to expect when wearing new dentures

The following are a few things new partial denture wearers will want to keep in mind.

  • Because the mouth will feel different when wearing new dentures there will be an adjustment period, which tends to last for just a few short weeks.

  • While a little soreness is normal, the wearer should not experience any pain or irritations when wearing a partial.

  • The partial should not feel too tight.

  • Wearers should start out eating soft foods, being sure to avoid sticky or chewy foods.

  • Rinsing them often is suggested in order to remove food particles.

  • Taking them out before going to sleep is recommended.

  • Using a professional denture cleaner is recommended.

Need more information?

We welcome any and all questions you have relating to partial dentures. When you do not have a full set of teeth in your mouth it can make it difficult for you to perform your everyday functions, like eating and talking. Understand that there is a dental solution for you that will help your current situation, so please do not hesitate to call us at your soonest convenience. A professional dentist can let you know exactly what your options are when you have multiple missing teeth. All you have to do is call, which means you are making the first step necessary for your good oral health. We are here for you!

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