Why Dentists Offer Botox Treatments

BotoxYes, Botox is now used in dentistry practices. The fact that dentists already completely understand the biology of the face means that they are fully aware of the many benefits that this temporary paralyzing agent can potentially offer their patients. This is why a growing number of dentists are showing an interest in adding dental Botox services to their practice. Because new and improved dental options are always being researched, when a dentist decides to add alternative dental technologies to their list of services it shows that they are keeping current with these technologies.

Seeing a dentist who is always open to continuing their education so they can offer their patients the absolute best treatment choices is

What exactly is Botox?

One of the more popular reasons for why a dentist would want to use what is officially known as a botulinum toxin because it can act as a relaxing tool for facial muscles. When someone is experiencing a lot of facial pain often times a dentist is able to use Botox to relax the surrounding muscles, which is able to offer varying degrees of relief for the patient. It is often used for dental patients who have been diagnosed with bruxism or TMJ. These dental issues cause facial muscles to tighten often, causing sufferers quite a bit of discomfort and sometimes pain. Botox can often solve these issues by relaxing the muscles, helping to alleviate any discomfort and/or pain felt.

Botox can also be used to:

  • To help teeth from becoming too crowded

  • Improve the overall look of the gum line

  • Allow denture wearers to be more comfortable

  • Prevent people from grinding their teeth

  • Prevent people from clenching their teeth

  • Alleviate migraine headaches

Why dentists offer Botox treatments

The reason why a number of highly skilled dentists are now choosing to offer their patients these specialized treatments is because they like to offer their patients choices when it comes to their dental treatment options. As we begin to see more proof that Botox is indeed helping so many dental patients with a variety of dental issues, its use is becoming more accepted each and every day. What potential users need to understand is that this particular dental treatment is only able to offer a temporary solution. While it is indeed better than no solution, patients will need to receive regular treatments in order to keep receiving the benefits

Got Botox questions?

If you are someone who is interested in finding out whether or not Botox is indeed an option for you, please give us a call at your earliest convenience. While we can answer a few of your questions over the phone, it is definitely preferred that you come in for a short consultation appointment so you can talk directly with the dentist. Be sure to bring your list of questions! We truly believe it is important for all dental professionals to always be aware of any and all upcoming dental treatments that can help their patients in order to be able to offer them the best dental services possible.




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