What to Expect From a CEREC® Procedure

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Patients who need a dental crown can either get it through the conventional process or the CEREC® procedure. Read on to learn more about CEREC® crowns. If you have ever had a broken tooth, lost a large filling, had root canal treatment for a damaged tooth, or an oddly shaped tooth, then you have likely needed a crown and dealt with goopy impressions and numerous inconvenient and stressful appointments.

What exactly is CEREC®?

CEREC (which stands for Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics) is a dental technology that allows patients to go from getting a diagnosis to leaving the dental office with their new crown in place on the same day. The process only takes a few hours from beginning to end.

CEREC creates the dental crown in only one visit using CAD/CAM technology, which stands for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. This innovative digital mapping technology creates a digital image of the tooth and tracks the mouth's interior, providing a very precise impression. After the dentist has prepped the patient's tooth, the replacement crown is fabricated out of a solid ceramic block in the dental office and bonded to the tooth.

What is the procedure for getting a traditional dental crown?

Before CEREC, a patient visiting the dentist for a crown had to go through a lengthy procedure. The dentist decides if a crown is required after an oral examination that includes dental x-rays and other imaging. After that, a mold or imprint of the tooth is created. After that, the imprint or mold is forwarded to an outside facility for crown production, which usually takes a couple of weeks.

How long does it take to receive a CEREC crown?

Patients can avoid the sticky imprint and the second appointment when they get a CEREC Crown. The procedure is considerably more efficient and straightforward. As with regular dental crowns, the dentist will decide whether a crown is required after an oral examination and x-rays.

Next, the dentist will prepare the tooth and then take a digital picture or imprint using an intraoral camera. The CEREC software produces a virtual model of the patient's tooth using the picture. The dentist utilizes the model to build the tooth restoration on the screen, then wirelessly sends it to an in-office milling machine. The CEREC gadget then mills or manufactures a high-grade ceramic, plaque-resistant material to finish the crown.

Following the completion of the restoration, the dentist will immediately put the crown onto the tooth. There is usually little to no biting adjustment required. The CEREC crown is precisely scaled, contoured, and tinted to match the patient's unique smile.

Do you need a dental crown?

With CEREC crowns, a dentist can complete your crown from start to finish in only one dental appointment. Considering how important your oral health is and how hectic your schedule can be, it makes sense to opt for the most up-to-date dental technology that allows you to get quality dental crowns as quickly as possible.

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