CEREC Pros and Cons

CERECSeeing a CEREC dentist means that you can have access to the modern dental technology that offers a higher level of dental care. The system began over 30 years ago and allows dentists to create, produce and insert ceramic restorations for their patients much more quickly than traditional means. Dentists who have this technology available to them are better able to treat their patients much more quickly, meaning that when you choose a dentist who has access to this modern technology, you are essentially getting the benefits of a same-day dentist.

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction or Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramic.

CEREC pros and cons

CEREC may not be a perfect fit for everyone. In situations where a different treatment is a preferable option, we recommend that the patient researches all potential treatment options and consults us for the treatment that will best benefit his or her health. Here are some pros and cons to using CEREC that every patient will benefit from understanding.


  • Same day restorations. Dental patients truly enjoy the convenience of being able to take care of any and all of their dental issues in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Everything is in-house. There is no need to send anything out for approval or creation, as we complete everything right there in the dental office.
  • No temporary crowns. Since we can make dental crowns on the same day, there is no longer a need for a patient to receive a temporary crown.
  • More design control. The machine gives dentists the ability to create a crown to precision, making for a much more comfortable fit for the patient.
  • High-quality, metal-free materials. We only use the best dental materials.
  • No more uncomfortable molds. Instead of using molds to get an impression of the teeth, the dentist is able to take a 3-D image.
  • Completely safe. Not only is this technology safe, it is a better option when it comes to the overall health of the mouth.


  • Training is necessary. Training will be necessary for a dentist to fully take advantage of the many benefits that this modern dental technology offers.
  • Not for everyone. A dental patient may benefit from other tooth restoration options, which will require the opinion of a professional dentist.

Smiles by Julia

Does the idea of seeing the same day dentist sound like something that would appeal to you? A CEREC dentist is often a perfect choice for those who simply do not have a lot of time to visit their dentist office. If you are in need of a dental crown, bridge, veneer, inlays or onlays and would like to get the dental work done in only one day, contact us now so we can set up an initial consultation appointment.

This way, we can go ahead and get a treatment plan started for you. At Smiles by Julia, we do our best to accommodate all of our dental patient's needs in a caring and timely manner.

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