Reasons to Consider CEREC Veneers

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Veneers fix crooked, chipped, cracked, damaged, or stained teeth by concealing cosmetic issues beneath thin shells. CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) offers a more comfortable procedure by reducing the amount of time a patient must spend in the dentist's office. This type of restoration can be completed in a single appointment — but that is just one reason to consider them.


Patients have the option to choose between traditional veneers and CEREC®, so what is the difference? Knowing the benefits of same-day veneers can help patients open a discussion with the dentist and make an educated decision about the appearance of teeth. While traditional veneers are still a viable option, a same-day treatment may satisfy the dentistry needs of many patients.


A patient getting traditional veneers must return to the dentist several times because the shells need to be made in another location. Therefore, one appointment is dedicated to taking an impression of the patient’s teeth and another appointment is for actually placing the permanent veneers. Temporary restorations are substituted for the permanent ones in between appointments.

The procedure for CEREC® veneers does not need a separate location. Rather, the dentist has an in-house machine that can make the new shells on the spot. This eliminates the need for temporaries and another appointment. Instead, the patient waits while the veneers are made, and then the dentist applies them during the same appointment. For patients who dread going to the dentist or sitting through procedures, this one-and-done solution can provide relief and a dazzling smile.


CEREC® veneers are usually made of porcelain or a resin composite that is durable and can last as long as traditional ones. However, like any dental restoration, the longevity in practice depends on the oral hygiene of the patient. Patients who take great care to brush and floss daily may be able to make veneers last longer than expected.


CEREC® veneers are just as durable as those made in a lab. Patients still need to take care with them, as porcelain and resin can become damaged. A dentist can guide patients through the material options and discuss the varying degrees of durability to help with the decision.


Patients do not need to worry about the discomfort of a temporary veneer while waiting for the permanent ones. Same-day shells can also be especially valuable to patients only receiving one or two at a time. Because only a small number need to be made, the waiting time is shorter and easier to complete in a single appointment. Patients getting numerous veneers may consider the traditional option simply because of the time needed to create so many restorations.


A dentist can help patients make the call about investing in CEREC® or traditional veneers. There may be other individual reasons or dental needs to get one or the other, so always check with a dental professional before making a final decision.

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