The Benefits of Same-Day CEREC® Crowns

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With advancements in modern dentistry, same-day CEREC® crowns are increasingly popular. Crowns are used to restore teeth that are decayed or broken; these restorations can also be used for cosmetic procedures. For many patients, the convenience of same-day crowns is appealing, but they may not know exactly what to expect. This procedure is a minimally invasive one that has a short recovery time, and patients walk away with a new smile and restored chewing function.

Benefits of CEREC® crowns

CEREC® crowns are valued for their convenience, natural appearance, and ease of placement. 

Fewer appointments

A traditional crown procedure requires at least two appointments. The patient comes in the first time to have the tooth prepared and leaves with a temporary crown. Meanwhile, an impression of the prepared tooth is sent to a dental lab for processing. This can take two or three weeks, and when the patient comes back for the second appointment, the final crown is cemented if it fits correctly.

With a same-day crown, the patient comes in for the appointment, the tooth prepared, and the crown is milled in the office. The final crown is cemented that day. Any adjustments that need to be made can be done so immediately; when a lab-made crown has to be sent back for changes, there is the potential for the patient having to wear a temporary crown for a long time. 

Natural-looking restorations

CEREC® crowns are made of a ceramic material matched to the patient's other teeth. Often, people will not even know that the patient has a crown due to the color being so close to the other teeth. Some lab-made crowns may have an unsightly metal margin; however, same-day crowns are made completely of tooth-colored material. This can increase patient satisfaction in the final appearance of the crown, and the patient gets to see the crown immediately instead of having to wait to get it back from a lab.

Because this alternative looks so natural, dentists often choose same-day CEREC® crowns for front-tooth restorations. However, these can also be used on premolar and molar teeth when needed. 

No impressions

One of the things that patients dread most about a crown procedure is getting impressions taken. Many patients have sensitive gag reflexes and find this part of the procedure uncomfortable. Fortunately, same-day crowns are often made with a digital impression from a unique scanner. This digital image is sent directly to the mill for the crown fabrication, and the patient does not have to deal with sticky impression material.


For patients needing a crown, there are many things to consider. The convenience and longevity of same-day crowns make them an appealing option. A consultation with a dentist is recommended to find out if this restoration is the right choice for each patient's unique situation. When properly cared for, CEREC® crowns can be a valuable restoration that keeps a patient confident and healthy for a long time.

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