FAQs About Emergency Dentist Visits

Emergency Dentist Fort Lauderdale, FL

An emergency dentist is a great resource to use when something urgent occurs. They are essentially general dentists trained for emergency situations, such as a knocked-out tooth or severe toothache.

There is much to know about emergency dentists, and we are here to help! Below, we go over frequently asked questions regarding emergency dental visits. This information can be helpful to those who are curious about emergency dentists and their services.

FAQs about emergency dentist visits

While an emergency dentist is trained the same way a general dentist is, there are still noteworthy differences. Ready to learn more?

Is an emergency dentist the same as a general dentist?

In a sense, yes! General dentists are the most common type of dentists because they can treat patients of all ages. However, an emergency dentist is also like a general dentist! They undergo general dentistry training, as well as additional emergency training.

Most emergency dentists are actually general dentists who decided to take the extra training. General dentists, however, are typically staffed in practices, while emergency ones are in dental urgent cares or the emergency rooms of hospitals.

Will I have to see my general dentist too?

Some patients who visit an emergency dentist will have to return to their general dentist for a follow-up appointment. This may be for further work or just for a check-up after the emergency services. The general and emergency dentists will likely work together to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate care.

What can an emergency dentist treat?

An emergency dentist can treat similar problems that a general dentist can. However, they are able to treat things that are even more complex, due to the need for urgent care. Common things an emergency dentist can treat are as follows:

  • Dislodged teeth: It is likely that an appointment with a general dentist will be required after the initial care, but an emergency dentist can stop bleeding and bring down pain or swelling
  • Crack or chip: An emergency dentist may be able to repair a crack or chip through bonding, filling or crown placement
  • Fractured jaw: A common problem that an emergency dentist experiences is patients who have fractured jaws; in these cases, a referral is made to a local oral surgeon when surgery may be required 

Can a general dentist offer emergency dental services?

Absolutely! Each dental practice is different, but there are certain ones that offer both general and emergency dental services. Because emergency dentists undergo the same training as general ones, certain general dental practices offer emergency services. However, it is always safe to call ahead to ensure that the general dentist can handle the urgent situation at hand. 

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